Work From Anywhere

Work from anywhere is one of today’s work styles that has flexibility, which can give workers the freedom to choose when and where they will work.

One company that applies for work from anywhere style is Spotify. They believe that working from anywhere brings their employees to be more productive and happier. Because they are free to choose the place where they work.

Moreover, this work style helps to find even better ways to communicate and collaborate with one another. And Work from anywhere creates a more diverse, flexible workplace that supports a better work-life, which promotes work-life balance.

Everything is a Choice

But if you are a worker who is tied to one company, you can try offering yourself to work full time, from home, from the office, from a cafe, or a combination of all three. You can try to discuss this with your manager at the office.

Also if your company adopts a work from anywhere style, this will be your opportunity to work with colleagues from different cities, places, and even more countries (with some limitations to overcome time zone difficulties).


Like Spotify ,which has a flexible approach, this gives such a makes this a big advantage and attracts their talents. As they discovered with our Global Flexible public holiday benefits launched in 2017 and our Employee Incentive Mix, launched in 2019.

Work from anywhere is a new thing as a form of adaptation to the world of work affected by the pandemic. Therefore, the toughest challenge when choosing this work style is how to listen and embrace the need for change and be able to adapt in the long term

The most important part of continuing or starting to work from anywhere is building trust, communication, collaboration, and acceptance of each individual with different needs, habits, and attitudes. When individuals in a team already trust each other and accept differences, it will be a strength in carrying out this work culture.

Will Be Better

Because it is believed to increase productivity and welfare at work, working from anywhere provides benefits including:

  • (For Workers): Cost savings, flexibility, and freedom in working and being able to get more work done in less time, as well as a better work/life balance.
  • (For Companies): Gain job satisfaction, save operational costs, and streamline meeting times that are shorter and more effective.
  • (For People): Create less commuting and less pollution, have time to relax and do other productive activities, and provide opportunities for people to travel the world while working.

It might take a while to adjust in the beginning, but according to some people who have xperienced working from home, they said there’s no going back after this. Are you convinced? 


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