5 Top Cafe Suitable for Work and Breakfast in Bandung

Breakfast is considered a very important thing, but often we like to skip it before starting important activities such as work. It’s very much needed for workers to be able to stay focused at work. For this reason, breakfast is the most important activity that should not be missed, because apparently, the statistic says that breakfast itself will provide 30% energy every day.

In addition to providing energy, breakfast provides many other benefits such as maintaining physical endurance, increasing concentration, maintaining the availability of calories, and many more benefits that you will get when you start the day with breakfast. Though maybe breakfast is not everyone, brunch wouldn’t sound like a bad idea too, right? This time, Nomaden Worker will provide recommendations for places that are suitable for breakfast as well as comfortable work places. 

Here are 5 cafes in Bandung that is curated by us for you:

Cups Coffee & Kitchen

Photo by: cupscoffeeshop

Cups Coffee & Kitchen is quite an interesting place to have your breakfast. This place is operating from 07.00 AM. When you visit there, you will be greeted with plants that decorate around it so that it will make you comfortable having breakfast and working there at the same time. You can try their favorite menus that they have there, for example, Chicken Nanban and Butternice, or you can also try their favorite coffee, which is White Cold Brew. Let us know what you think of this menu if you’ve tried it before!.

Hummingbird Eatery

Photo by: hummingbird_eatery

With its unique exterior and interior design, Hummingbird Eatery is easy to find among other cafes. And if you visit here, you can choose to sit in the outdoor area, so you can feel the warmth of the morning sun. They have several favorite menus such as Thai Chicken Basil, King prawn Creamy Pasta, and the drinks are Passion Twist or Iced Coffee Grass Jelly.

Miss Bee Providore

Photo by: Miss Bee_Providore

Located in a cool area and many open spaces make Miss Bee the right choice for you to have your breakfast. And if you want to continue working after you had your breakfast, you can do it here, because the atmosphere is so comfortable and calm. If you’re interested, don’t forget to order their signature menus, such as The Comforter Burger, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, or Larb Gai Pasta.


Photo by: Kilogram.Coffee

The concept of an open cafe seems to be a kilogram attraction. You can have casual discussions with your colleagues or team here, and of course, you’ll get to try breakfast here, because it’s open from 07.00 AM. And don’t forget to come here to try their favorite menus such as the Iced Kilo, Chili Cikur Fried Rice, or the Classic Burger.


Photo by: Nomaden Worker

Lastly, we have Cupola.id, which you can visit as a place for breakfast as well as a place to work. Here, you can also choose to sit in the outdoor or indoor area which is equally comfortable for your work desk. If you come here, don’t forget to order their favorite menu such as Dori Mentai, Roast Chicken with Green Sauce, or, try the “Eskola” coffee.

There are so many other places that you get to try as well, but you can count on us Nomaden Worker to curate it for you. Let us know if you’ve been to one of these places and find this article useful! 


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