7 Unwritten Rules of Working from Coffee Shop

Work from home and remote working are becoming increasingly popular in the Covid-19 pandemic. Some people also have the option of working from a café to improve their work-life balance. Apart from increasing work productivity, a coffee shop is an excellent place to work because it provides a variety of amenities.

It is easy to see why coffee shops are the gold standard for remote workers who do not have offices or are simply flexible to work from anywhere. Coffee shops are always well-stocked with caffeine, often offer internet access, and are generally quiet but not so quiet as to be distracting. They’re also ideal for quick encounters with clients and business associates.

However, just because remote working appears to be enjoyable does not mean that there will be no etiquette to follow. For those of you who enjoy working from coffee shops, here are 7 unwritten tips to keep in mind.

1. Pay Attention While Order

At full-service coffee shops, your orders, usually beverages, are frequently served to you. Coffee shops such as Starbucks require you to collect your beverages from the counter. If that is the case, you should not stray too far or go somewhere especially focusing on your phone.

Please put your phone down while ordering, even if it feels like an extension of your body or acts as a safety blanket to avoid social interaction. With genuine human eye contact along with a smile and some small talk will make the ordering procedure more pleasant and less unpleasant for both you and the barista.

2. Purchase and Reorder Frequently

While you occupy some space, not to mention while you use the cafe’s internet, drain the electricity from their outlets, and use the restroom. You should spend 2 or 3 menus at the coffee shops after working for an hour and a half, including tips for the employees.

If you plan on staying longer, make sure you always have something to eat or drink at your table. Every hour to hour and a half, try to buy anything.

3. Be Patient

Coffee shop environments might be unrestricted at times. There was a period when the coffee shop was overcrowded, and you had to wait in line for a while. As a consumer, be patient without being rude to the baristas.Believe it or not, all baristas want every customer in line to be served fast and correctly.

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, always be kind and considerate. After all, you never know how the person preparing your coffee has spent their day.

4. Keep the Noise to Yourself

Whether you are speaking to a friend or acquaintance face to face or on the phone, it’s still courteous to use your “indoor voice.” Many individuals go to coffee shops for a number of reasons, including creative inspiration, reading, listening to music, getting away from the hectic “real world,” or simply enjoying a hot cup of coffee, so be considerate of their desire for privacy.

It is perfectly OK to have a good time as long as it does not damage others. It’s important to remember that a coffee shop is a public environment. As a result, talking too loud should be put on the back burner.

5. Don’t take up too many Spaces

Sometimes we have seen the largest table in Coffee Shop taken up by one individual who spreads their belongings out to work all day. I understand that it’s first come, first served, but if you’re going to be there for a long time, one approach to minimize your effect is to select one of the smaller tables rather than one that seats four or more.

Offer any extra seats on the bench we sit on to customers who are in need. We don’t even carry it as a base bag, book, or laptop.

6. Consider Tidiness With Wires

Device wires, cords, or chargers strewn on the floor are another source of disasters. Accidents can occur if employees or consumers step over the wires (yes, even at coffee shops). To fix this, it’s best to sit closer to the plug outlets.

Just because you have a long extended cable on your charger doesn’t mean you may trip folks passing by. Furthermore, you run the danger of damaging your devices if they fall to the ground when someone trips over the cables, dragging your priceless laptop or smartphone after them.

7. Stay Clean

People are probably urged to make themselves at home when they are at a coffee shop. Some people, however, take that notion too literally. Although there are those who will clean the coffee shop, it does not mean you can arbitrarily throw garbage carelessly and make the coffee shop a mess, right? Because throwing away cigarette tissues and ash arbitrarily does not make you cool in the eyes of many people.

It is your business if you have bowls, plates, or cups sitting around your house or apartment. But at the coffee shops, before you leave, please make sure to throw away any crumbs, clean up any spills or mug rings, and make the extra trip to the counter, dish rack, rubbish can, or recycle bin.

Coffee shops may be a terrific location to work. Also a place to thrive in the hustling and bustling of a busy one. To prevent you as customers being rude or disrespectful,  there are a few guidelines to follow.

Remember to know your place that is shared with everyone else, so by being friendly, be patient and clean up after yourself, tip appropriately, and treat the staff with respect could show how you are able to be more responsible when it comes to utilizing cafes and public places to do your remote work.


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