Working From the Coffee Shop, yay or nay?

It’s understandable why the coffee shop is a favorite among remote employees. It’s the ideal balance between working from home and paying for a coworking space. If you spend too much time there, the first one may become lonely, and the second one can become too costly if you can’t afford it or are on a limited budget.

However, coffee shops aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. The noise of a coffee shop, the coffee machines, the music, the talking, and so on are perhaps the biggest problems for the worker

Distractions are more likely to prevent you from your work than they are at home, for example. Nevertheless, it turns out that there is a method to make those drawbacks work in your favor.

The Noise in a Coffee Shop can Inspire us to be More Creative.

Photo by: Sawo Coffee

Research has revealed that the correct amount of ambient noise helped the brain think more creatively, with individuals exposed to noise outperforming those exposed to other decibel levels.

The researchers theorized that the white noise would interrupt usual thought patterns, allowing the brain to focus on more abstract processing, which is required for creativity.

Environment is Contagious

Photo by: Yumaju Coffee

People put more effort into things when they witness others working hard, according to a study that came to the conclusion that effort is contagious.

And in a coffee shop, your models are usually folks who are completely focused on what they’re doing. Being in their presence can motivate you to work more and, as a result, be more productive for yourself or your company.

Increasing Focus

Photo by: Morgy Coffee

In a coffee shop, you have more control, such as the ability to reaffirm that you don’t want to be disturbed by wearing headphones, with full WiFI and expecting no one to urge you to take them out.

In a traditional open office, people may feel entitled to or as if they are doing the organization a favor if they drag you to something they believe is vital.

Hence, before you go to a coffee shop, it is recommended that you take a look around. Checking what is around and nuance to create great space as an individual.

Other establishments request that you refrain from using your laptop during lunch hours so that more people can come in and use the tables for what they were designed for: eating and enjoying coffee.


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